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selsta part-time monero development (3 months)

selsta part-time monero development (3 months)


April 8, 2021

29 contributors

Raised 77.08 of 76 XMR

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  • Smaller dev work on CLI and GUI
    • Some ideas I want to work on
      • Update monero unbound submodule to upstream (CLI)
      • Set up a depends package source backup (CLI)
      • Fix clang warnings (CLI)
      • Set minimum Qt version to 5.12, cleanup codebase and cmake file (GUI)
      • Fix small design inconsistencies (GUI)
    • Put effort where necessary
  • Testing and reviewing pull requests (CLI, GUI, site)
  • Monero release engineering for CLI and GUI
    • Organizing what goes into a release
    • Compiling CLI and GUI, packaging for distribution
    • Writing release notes
  • Misc work (user support, issue tracker maintanace)


selsta, I have been contributing to monero since around 2018 with over 340 merged commits. Here is a list of my previous work:

  • CLI contributions:
  • GUI contributions:

If funded I will provide monthly updates in the CCS comment section.


Work for 30 hours per week over the next 3 months (from Mid April to Mid June) at a rate of 45€ / hour. At 212€ / XMR (14 day EMA) this makes 76 XMR.


To be paid: 33% (26 XMR)

Completion date:


To be paid: 33% (25 XMR)

Completion date:


To be paid: 33% (25 XMR)

Completion date: