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ErCiccione: 3 more months part time work on (July-Sept)

ErCiccione: 3 more months part time work on (July-Sept)


July 1, 2020

14 contributors

Raised 132.21 of 132 XMR

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I'm proposing to continue my part time work on (monero-site repository), 20 hours a week for 3 more months.


I will work on the website in the same terms as in my last proposal, so basically:

  • Triaging issues
  • Adding new functionalities according to the feedback of the community
  • Increasing user friendliness
  • Updating obsolete sections
  • Improving localization process
  • Bug fixes
  • Reviews

I triage or review the vast majority of the issues and merge requests on the monero-site repository. You can also see the list of my past direct contributions to have an idea of the work i do. I usually post updates about the website on reddit as well (see the last one).


I'm proposing to work as developer on the monero-site repository for three months at a rate of €30/hour, starting on July 11th 2020, 20 hours a week.

Update: I was unable to start working on this CCS on July 1st as planned, instead my work will start on July 11th. As a result, all milestones should be considered complete on the 11th of each month. This CCS will be completed on October 11th instead of September 30th.


To be paid: 44

Completion date:


To be paid: 44

Completion date:


To be paid: 44

Completion date: