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dangerousfreedom - more Seraphis development

dangerousfreedom - more Seraphis development

by DangerousFreedom

September 20, 2022

120 XMR

28 contributors



Hello, I would like your help to develop more features for Seraphis like the audit framework and a simple CLI wallet.

What and Why ?

I will try to address the following issues:

1) Create the necessary functions and explanation for the audit framework in Seraphis, i.e., proofs of ownership, unspentness, tx in, tx out (InProof,UnspentProof,SpendProof, OutProof) and update the legacy protocol if necessary .

2) Help developing a wallet for Seraphis. My goal is to be able to create the necessary functions to open a wallet, perform a CLI 'transfer address amount' that would create a transaction in the Seraphis/Jamtis standards, close the wallet, re-open a new wallet where the transferred funds are, 'scan the blockchain' and transfer the funds back to the original wallet. I will closely work with koe, rbrunner and jberman to better elaborate the tasks and get feedbacks or follow-ups whenever possible. Initially, the simplest wallet would open/save/close a file, keep track of the transactions inputs and outputs, perform a transfer in the Seraphis standards and prepare everything for the serialization and storage in the blockchain. These are the minimum features I will implement. More about it here.


  • I created the website where you can find some information to improve your odds of winning a debate about the inflation issue in Monero.
  • I have spotted a fungibility issue (Monero allows the storage of non-canonical points which harms the fungibility of transactions).
  • I have spotted a malleability issue (Monero has wrong signatures - signatures that don't match the data stored in the blockchain according to the canonical standards, which came from a wrong operation of a function when certain conditions are not met).
  • AFAIK I was the first to make an implementation of the core functions of Monero in another language and (try to) scan the whole blockchain with them.

I propose to work for 40 EUR per hour, 25h per week, for 18 weeks. Which makes 120 XMR considering 150 EUR/XMR.

If everything goes well, I believe we could have a basic PoC CLI wallet by the end of January/23 and enough achievements to move to testnet.

Audit framework Seraphis.

To be paid: 20

Completion date: 9 February 2023

PoC CLI Wallet.

To be paid: 100

Completion date: 9 February 2023

Funds Awarded: 120

Date: 23 February 2023