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Translation of the Moneropedia and User Guides into German

Translation of the Moneropedia and User Guides into German

by Wobole

September 10, 2020

28.5 XMR

31 contributors


Hello everybody, this is Wobole :)


I’m proposing to translate both the Moneropedia and the User Guides as well as translating/checking the currently remaining strings (marked as “strings needing action without suggestion”) of the translation of into German. Since not everybody in the German speaking world, despite the common assumption, has a sufficient command and understanding of the English language I believe a full localization to be incredibly useful to give each and everyone the possibility to understand how to use Monero.


I am one of the most active translators on the Monero Weblate platform. Until this day I translated a significant amount of the GUI wallet, some parts of the CLI wallet and most of the website, all as a volunteer. See my profile on Weblate for an overview of my activities. I also contributed to translating Monerujo and participated in some discussions on

Proposal and milestones

This proposal includes two milestones:

  1. The translation of the Moneropedia (and translation/check of mentioned strings via Weblate)
  2. The translation of the User Guides

I am asking for a rate of 0,06 Euro/word. The Moneropedia entries comprise about 10,200 words and the User Guides 23,700 words. For the 1st milestone this equals 8.6 XMR and for the 2nd 19.9 XMR.

For the compensation of words counted by my program which actually aren’t supposed to be translated, I’m going to translate/check the “strings needing action without suggestions” of the website via Weblate (which includes reviewing the pending suggestions, even though until now I cannot review much since most of them are made by me). Additionally, I will have a look at the current translation regarding the consistency of terminology (mainly because it bothers me myself otherwise :)).

I am giving my best to deliver a high quality translation – not least because I am an apologist of correct orthography and grammar. If this proposal gets funded, I will start to work on the translations immediately; I am expecting to finish the milestones in two months.

Thank you for reading!

Translation of the Moneropedia

To be paid: 8.6

Completion date: 11 December 2020

Translation of the User Guides

To be paid: 19.9

Completion date: 8 February 2021

Funds Awarded: 8.6

Date: 12 December 2020

Funds Awarded: 19.9

Date: 15 February 2021