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3 months part time work on

3 months part time work on


1 January 2020

174 XMR

85 contributors

Completed 2 of 3 milestones

I'm proposing to work on Getmonero part time, 20 hours a week. My last proposal was project-based, meaning that the proposal was considered completed after all the issues mentioned were resolved. This time i'm suggesting a more "usual" approach: part time work for three months.


My intention is to work on the website in a more consistent way. My last proposal made me realize that there is so much work to do and a project-based approach is not sufficient. Getmonero needs some constant and dedicated attention. You can check my activity on the monero-site repository for an idea of my past contributions, but summarized, my activity will be:

  • Triaging issues
  • Adding new functionalities according to the feedback of the community
  • Increasing user friendliness
  • Updating obsolete sections
  • Improving localization process
  • Reviews


I'm asking to work as developer on the monero-site repository for three months at a rate of €30/hour, starting on January 2020, 20 hours a week. This results in a total of 174 XMR at the rate 1 XMR = €41.


To be paid: 58

Completion date: 31 January 2020


To be paid: 58

Completion date: 29 February 2020


To be paid: 58

Completion date:

Funds Awarded: 58

Date: 11 February 2020

Funds Awarded: 58

Date: 6 March 2020